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Can I Get A Witness Protection? - Blu-ray

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Jack Jacobs is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and witnesses a mob murder. Before you can say Al Capone, the FBI uproots him and his wife from their comfortable lives, and gets him a job where the gangsters would never look for him: a half-dead church in Fresno.

The couple tries to play their parts, but on Jack's first Sunday, the minister keels over dead in the pulpit and now Jack becomes Senior Pastor! Will their marriage survive this topsy-turvy life change? Could a fake minister possibly be the answer to this church's prayers?

DOVE-Approved for all ages!
Running Time: 101 minutes
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Starring: Jamie Alexander, Jacquelyn Zook, Kevin Sizemore, Joel McRary, David Storrs, Jodi Shilling, Isaac C. Singleton, Catherine Gaffney, Kevin Brief, Karen Whipple
Executive Producers: Robert G. Lee, Scott Prewett
Producers: Jenni Gold, Jeff Maynard
Written & Directed by Robert G. Lee