Chonda Pierce Collection - DVD

Chonda Pierce Collection - DVD

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Get all 7 Chonda Pierce DVDs in one set!

A Piece Of My Mind - DVD
The latest laugh-fest from Chonda Pierce is for anybody who has nearly exploded with exasperation--and then seen the funny side of daily life! With true stories that nobody would dare to invent, America's most hilarious lady will have you holding your sides with her trademark humor and down-to-earth insights on shopping, diets, menopause, raising kids, and more. Special guests: Comedian/Actress Sheri Shepherd, and The WOC Choir and Zachary Pierce.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - DVD
Funny girl Chonda Pierce tackles a subject that is rarely funny: Fear. So what are you afraid of? Chonda Reminds us that there is a lot out there that can give us the shivers, but more importantly she shares a most valuable antidote-lots of laughter. This live variety show including musical numbers, sketches, commercials, stories, and songs from the heart. Shortly after the tragic and traumatic events of 9/11, the country was scared and worried, Chonda addressed the fear of her fans as she confronts challenges in her personal life - through laughter.

Did I Say That Out Loud? - DVD
Chonda goes to Hollywood and nothing gets past her! Not Botox booths, purse puppies, or health food--whatever that is. Back in the South things get a bit more familiar, but not necessarily more comfortable, with barbecue tithing and hockey pucks flying and wigs tumbling. For the first time ever, Chonda answers questions from the audience, allowing Chonda to do what she does best - saying out loud whatever pops into the party she calls her mind.

Have I Got A Story For You! - DVD
Chonda Pierce continues doing what she does best...telling stories. "Have I Got a Story for You!" is a collection of some of the funniest stories you have ever heard from the way men and women give directions to her up close and personal view of Nascar racing! From the danger of believing the fairy tales to the danger of not getting the "facts" straight about the first story in the Bible: The Story of Adam and Eve! Including two wonderful vocal performances, Chonda wraps the night up with a tender and revealing true story from a heart passionately in love with Christ.

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal - DVD
Chonda is back with sensational, sidesplitting stories even the tabloids won't print! Blending downright funny observations with eternal truths, she delivers LOL tales about her trips to Middle East war zones, ministering to supermodels and cheerleaders, her introduction to "Mr. Hollywood," her husband's unfortunate pairing of boating and chainsaws, and more. Sure to make you laugh---and think!

Stayin' Alive ... And Laughing! - DVD
This brand new film, recorded in front of 4,300 roaring fans, was shot at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This time Chonda dances her way through topics from the empty nest to group therapy, from two-steppin' to twelve stepping, and shows us a side of Adam and Eve we've never seen before. Want more? Bill Gaither is a security guard, "Group" turns into disco fever and Russ Taff drops in for a surprise visit. Whew! A must-have addition to your Chonda collection.

This Ain't Prettyville - DVD
Take a trip with Chonda to her small-town America to a place she calls home. Meet the people and visit the places that fashioned a young Chonda Pierce into the nation's #1 family comedian. SEE The Pierce Memorial Funeral Home and Taxidermy! HEAR 30 Rednecks In The Holy Land! FEEL The Thrill Of The Amazing Exploding Toilet! TASTE The Fried Bologna Sandwiches At Chonda's Cafe EXPERIENCE The Toy Bear That Changed Chonda's Life! Simply the funniest Chonda Pierce show EVER recorded.