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Is it Just Me? - DVD

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One of the best-selling Ken Davis DVD's of all time! Ken Davis makes an appearance in the heart of dairy country, offering a brilliant performance that pays tribute to veterans, explores the differences between men and women, and ponders the question... Is it Just Me?

Appearing at a beautifully-restored Vaudeville theater in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Ken also shares his disastrous adventure with snow-boarding, his short-lived experiment with weightlifting, and his painful encounter with a nose-hair clipper. His keen sense of comic timing is mixed with a side-splitting dose of physical humor, and the result is a memorable hour of laughter for all ages.

No, Ken, it's not just you - we're all a little strange. But thanks for reminding us that we are loved in spite of our shortcomings - and thanks for pointing us to the source of true joy.

Ken Davis is a comedian, author, broadcaster... and proud grandfather. His radio program Lighten Up! is heard on hundreds of radio stations, and his award-winning books and videos have been international best-sellers. Ken's mission is to share really important lessons while making you laugh so hard your teeth hurt.

DVD features:

-Behind-the-Scenes Feature (14 minutes) -- includes a rare on-camera interview with Ken's wife, Diane
-Blooper Reel
-Trailers for other Ken Davis programs