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With the ease of your best girlfriend, Anita brings practical wisdom paired with fall-off-your-seat humor to the stuff of everyday life---families, church, fake tans, caffeine, eBay addiction, biscotti, botox, mammograms, and, of course, purse-onality! Her inventive blend of musical comedy and inspiration will leave your heart happy---and filled with hope.

One of the leading Christian comics performing today, Anita Renfroe is sometimes known as "The William Tell Mom", due to the hugely popular online video of everything a mom would say in a day. Her high-energy, sassy take on the cares and concerns of motherhood has led to appearances on Good Morning America, The Early Show and many other media outlets, and she regularly performs in concerts and conferences across the United States.

Purseonality is pure, vintage Anita Renfroe, filled with hysterical songs and stories as well as warm insights. Quite simply, it is a performance that is an instant classic while remaining as fresh and funny as the day it was filmed.

Tracks include:
1. Girls Get Together
2. Old School Toys
3. Bling and Botox
4. Cruisin' with a Tan
5. Memory Eyesight
6. Venti Mocha
7. Biscotti and Alternative Health
8. Right To Rest
9. Not My Gift
10. Purse-onality
11. Mammograms
12. Salute To Underwire
13. eBay Jaguar
14. Messy Broken People
15. Girls Get Together (reprise)

As Anita writes on her own website: "I'd rather people laugh because they relate to something I say than because I wrote a clever punchline. All my stuff is about my life -- it's real and it connects people -- and that's a wonderful thing."

DVD Region 0 (All Regions)